Our Family

 My husband and I met when I was only 15 and he was 17. We had our fairytale wedding (with my Dad's blessing) only three years later, the Fall after my high school graduation. Only one month after our wedding, we conceived our beautiful little girl Aizlynn who is light of our lives. Because we did marry young, Jeff and I have had the great adventure of watching eachother bloom into who we are today and there were times where that required a lot of patience on both our parts. Those are times that can unfortunately break people apart especially young couples but, for us it was just a matter of having a good foundation to our relationship, loving eachother unconditionally, communicating and seeing eachother through.  We are eachother's strength and we can definitely say that we're best friends. In the end, our love always proven strong and we were just another classic case of high school sweethearts who married young and beat the odds!

 2 syll. ai-slin(n), ais-li-nn ] The girl name Aislinn is pronounced EYESLIHN †. Aislinn is of Irish origin and it is also used largely in the Irish language. Aislinn is a variant form of the Irish Aisling. Meaning "Dream, Vision, or Inspiration.

This is the beautiful name of my little girl.We chose to spell her name exactly as it's pronounced Aizlynn. I wanted to lessen the confusion on how to say it since I realize it's not a very common name, but she is not a common child. Aizlynn Marie is a gift I had to work very hard for as you'll read about in my birth story. She is brings joy and light into our world. From the very beginning, she has been incredibly observant and intelligent. I remember watching her clumsily turning her little head as she intently watched people at church walk past her. She was less than 2 months old. Before her first birthday Aizlynn could count to ten in English and in Spanish. She's just so bright. Always has been. Now that she is of school age, one of her most beautiful qualities is her compassion. She's like a little mommy herself always worried about others. Aizlynn also loves to swim, ride her bike, listen to music, visit parks, play house, help mommy cook, do crafts, and color. She's super artistic (like both her parents). Aizlynn is also super silly. She constantly cracks me up. There's never a dull moment with her around. More than anything she is the inspiration of our family. We are blessed to have her in our lives.