About Me

I am a twenty something Orlando mom and wife who’s driven, passionate and always seeking new ways to make my life and the life of those around me better. I'm definitely considered the "crunchy" one of my friends but the truth is, I'm a mixture of all the things that feel instinctively right to me as a mother, wife and woman. On Friday I could be sitting at the hottest Downtown brunch spot with my girls. Then by Sunday, I am sitting down with a new mom talking about which herbs are good for lactation! That's just me :) I decided to become a doula after my own amazing birth experience but I definitely consider myself a modern, trendy, fashion loving chick who will never be caught without her makeup done! I am absolutely crazy about my daughter and hubby! My beautiful family is centered on love, spirituality, closeness and creating meaningful friendships. I blog about it all and I wholeheartedly invite you in.