Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Aizlynn's American Girl Birthday Party!

Posted by Andria at 1:27 PM

On August 5th, my "baby girl" turned NINE! How on earth did that happen?! I've been reflecting all month long on what it was like having her as a tiny baby. I will say though, I'm loving every stage of life this sweet girl has gone through thus far. Each has been special in it's own way. Aizlynn has made us incredibly proud and she's continuing to grow into such an amazing girl! 

We had a "mini photo shoot" to commemorate her ninth birthday and also because I knew I wanted to use the photos at her upcoming party. Here are some from that day..

(I die when I see these. She's such a gorgeous girl!!!!)

Aizlynn absolutely loves all thing "American Girl" and decided she wanted that as the theme for her birthday party. I happily obliged but, also had some work to do. It's not a theme you can just walk into a party store and find ;) After some brainstorming & using the ever reliable Pinterest, we found ideas that Aizlynn liked & went from there. This year my mother offered up her home for the party. It was just WAY more convenient with her having a great yard for a bounce house ;)

(Our "big" gift our sweet birthday girl this year was the new American Girl, Saige. Needless to say, Aizlynn totally freaked lol! It was priceless.)

 (..And yes, that is one cake for her & one for her doll. Isn't it the cutest!?)

Overall, I'd say everything turned out wonderfully. I has so much fun planning & shopping for this party! The house was jammed packed with all our favorite people, the food was yummy, the cake was to die for and most importantly, Aizlynn had an awesome day. Hearing her at the end of the day say how grateful she was and how it was "the best party" made it all worth while and she certainly deserves it. Happy birthday to my precious, beautiful, first born princess! We love you!!



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