Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Aizlynn's American Girl Birthday Party!

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On August 5th, my "baby girl" turned NINE! How on earth did that happen?! I've been reflecting all month long on what it was like having her as a tiny baby. I will say though, I'm loving every stage of life this sweet girl has gone through thus far. Each has been special in it's own way. Aizlynn has made us incredibly proud and she's continuing to grow into such an amazing girl! 

We had a "mini photo shoot" to commemorate her ninth birthday and also because I knew I wanted to use the photos at her upcoming party. Here are some from that day..

(I die when I see these. She's such a gorgeous girl!!!!)

Aizlynn absolutely loves all thing "American Girl" and decided she wanted that as the theme for her birthday party. I happily obliged but, also had some work to do. It's not a theme you can just walk into a party store and find ;) After some brainstorming & using the ever reliable Pinterest, we found ideas that Aizlynn liked & went from there. This year my mother offered up her home for the party. It was just WAY more convenient with her having a great yard for a bounce house ;)

(Our "big" gift our sweet birthday girl this year was the new American Girl, Saige. Needless to say, Aizlynn totally freaked lol! It was priceless.)

 (..And yes, that is one cake for her & one for her doll. Isn't it the cutest!?)

Overall, I'd say everything turned out wonderfully. I has so much fun planning & shopping for this party! The house was jammed packed with all our favorite people, the food was yummy, the cake was to die for and most importantly, Aizlynn had an awesome day. Hearing her at the end of the day say how grateful she was and how it was "the best party" made it all worth while and she certainly deserves it. Happy birthday to my precious, beautiful, first born princess! We love you!!


Thursday, August 8, 2013

Aubrey Grace is 16 Months Old!

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 I have a ton a great excuses as to why I've taken this long to write an Aubrey update but, I'll just say- I'm a busy mom and we as a family, have a pretty busy social life. Weeks so easily turn into months. Need I say more? ;) I'll try my hardest not to let this much time go by before an update. After all, these posts are mainly for Aubrey & some day, they'll go to her. So yeah.. I have a 16 month old! An amazing, bright, beautiful and terribly funny 16 month old! 

Life with Aubrey...

Life with Aubrey is busy, exhilarating, yes- sometimes even frustrating but, joyous, blissful and beautiful all at once. Aubrey wakes up with a smile on her face practically every day. She'll look at me and enthusiastically say hi- which sounds more like "ha-eeey". We start the day with some quick "nursies" then she sits with her sippie cup & breakfast (a bowl of whatever I've made that day) and then watches one episode of either Barney, Dora, sometimes Super Why. She will only get TV time one other time during the day thereafter, as we are very mindful the amount of "screen time" both girls get.

Summing up a day with Aubrey will go a little something like the following- Of course I'm not accounting for days that include play dates or outings and such.. Aubrey spends the day alternating between pulling things out of cabinets (oh joy), "singing", playing with her big sis, asking to go "UP" with Mommy (a lot), "dancing", emptying entire bins of toys on to the floor, napping, nursing or demanding to be nursed, having one on one playtime & story time with Mommy, eating and getting outside time. She'll go through this cycle at least a few times until Daddy gets home. Then it's time with Daddy and we start her bedtime routine. In between all of that she's lighting up every room she toddles into, constantly making us laugh and keeping us thoroughly entertained. Life with Aubrey is just plain fun..

At 16 months old Aubrey...

Has had her very first trip to the beach! Hence all the beach pictures ;) She absolutely loved every second of it!

Has added new words to her vocabulary such as- two, nine (it's all she'll say when we're practicing counting), nice (nigh), yay, dance (dah), "night-night" (nigh-nigh), no, oh no, shoe (mostly just get's out the sh sound), play (pay), kitty cat ( key-cah), nose, (nah or noh), toy, ball (bah), bye, bellybutton (bidy-but lol) and finally her name! Sounds like "Aubee" and it's just the cutest!

Is a dancing machine! She'll look for ANY reason to do it even if there's no music on.

Can now sign "please" although I'm still working on getting her to do it more consistently.

Is still nursing (GO US!) however, we're at about half the amount of times per day than before. Something I'm actually very happy about. Ya'll don't even know 0_o.. Another post, another day..

You know those toys that have shaped blocks with either a box or in our case a picnic basket with the corresponding shaped holes? She's finally starting to put some of the shapes into the right holes. Only the square & circle so far but it seemingly took her forever to start "getting it".

CAN FINALLY BEHAVE IN RESTAURANTS!! THIS IS HUGE PEOPLE!! This started at about 15 months & we could NOT be happier about it. Before, it was a very rushed experience that had me and Jeff taking turns eating while the other paced the restaurant with her, gave toys, food or anything to keep her calm. Sometimes even having to step outside with her. Not a very relaxing time but like I said, we are SO happy to be able to truly enjoy eating at restaurants STRESS FREE now! Aubrey, Mommy & Daddy thank you profusely!

Is such a water baby. Pools baths, splash pads, you name it- she loves it!

Can tune you out like none other! If she's focused on something, you can practically yell her name & she will NOT look at you. Sometimes it's funny until she's running off and you need her to stop.. Yeah..

Is in 12 month clothing perfectly. Not t0o big, not too small..  And on that note, she can still fit in sz 2 disposable diapers! She's a small-fry ;)

Gives such tender hugs & kisses. OMG.. I die...

Really loves being around other babies. Especially at our playdates & church.

Has become best buds with Daddy ;) She now wants him almost as often as she wants me. BIG CHANGE there!

Is demonstrating that she understands what to do with certain objects like- If she has a brush, she'll try to brush her hair. If she finds a bow, she'll try to stick it on her head. If she finds a marker (cap still on), she'll try to "color" on a paper and (yes, this next one is gross) but, if there's a cotton swab in the trash, she'll dig it out and try to stick it in her ear lol! It's nasty but, it also shows that she understands ;p

Sweet baby girl, as you can see, Mommy is SO proud of you- I can go on and on AND ON just talking about every adorable thing you do! You are at such a fun stage of life, just trying to figure out how this crazy/interesting world works and we just love watching you do it. I love you baby!