Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Aubrey Grace is 11 Months Old!

Posted by Andria at 1:38 PM

Yes this update is late as she'll be one in less than a couple weeks but, I can't in good conscience skip one of her updates! 

Oh my gosh- I can't believe we're just around the corner from seeing this beautiful baby girl turn ONE! What a bittersweet concept this has been for me. When Aubrey was born, I prayed every day for her to thrive, be healthy.. and to grow.. And grow she has. It's funny how suddenly the thought of her growing older & getting bigger has become so bittersweet for me. Only for the simple reason that some part of me is wanting for her to remain this tiny baby forever but, of course the other part of me is grateful we've come to this point. Not everyone is so lucky and I've had to remind myself of that. 
These days I'm holding her a little tighter, rocking her a little longer and yes, I've admittingly shed a few tears over it all but, it's oaky because I know she, like her sister, will always, ALWAYS be my baby..

At eleven months old Aubrey...

Is really starting to "get it" when we say no. She is not a fan :p

has become much more interested in her toys and has also gotten more skillful at playing with them the right way ie. putting a ball where it belongs or stacking things etc..

Is a petite little thing. She technically hasn't gained weight in months. Just gotten longer. Still under 17 lbs! 

HAS to eat what you're eating. God forbid you eat infront of her without sharing lol!

Started a very funny & interesting new language of her own. 

New words or phrases include- "heeeey"& even "heeey Dada", "Oh my" (sounds like oh-bye or oh-why), "all done" (sounds like aaahh-duuhh) and "Oow" (when she gets hurt).

Is cruising! For those who don't know, that means she's "walking" as long as she holding on to something. In our case furniture and such.

Does NOT behave in restaurants. It's official.. *sigh*

Is a huge fan of park swings :) She actually gets mad when you take her out!

I may have said this before but she LOVES baths now. It's our go-to "cranky cure" lately.

Is like a little baby celebrity lol! I say that humbly & playfully but I swear, wherever  we go, without fail, we are stopped by people wanting to see, talk to & compliment Aubrey. She's like a magnet! Can't say I blame them ;)

Aubrey, you're growing so fast but, it has been amazing seeing you do it. There isn't a day that goes by that I'm not in awe of you. What an adventure it's been having you in our lives. I love you so very much!



sophandlulu on March 7, 2013 at 12:40 PM said...

Found your blog via Bloggy Moms, what a cutie you have for a daughter! I have a 5 month old little girl (Lulu) and I just love reading about others 'milestones' as they get older :)
I subscribed and look forward to reading more!
Feel free to stop by my blog (that I co-blog with my sist-in-law) at
xo, d

Andria on March 9, 2013 at 7:08 PM said...

Aaww thanks- so glad you "stopped in" ;) I'll definitely be giving your blog a visit!

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