Monday, December 10, 2012

Aubrey Grace is 8 Months Old!

Posted by Andria at 7:21 PM

I swear every month that goes by in Aubrey's life feels like the blink of an eye and I can never get used to it. My baby girl is eight months old already! In fact, this post is a little late so she's actually getting closer to 9 months now. Time flies when you're having fun ;) 

It seems like every month I say this but, she sure has changed a ton this month! Her abilities, temperment, personality, "speech", are all changing so quickly it's like a new baby every month.

Our newest adventure is sleep training. Sounds harsh but, we're trying to go about it the best way possible. Aubrey's never learned to sleep without me my boobs so it results in her waking up constantly at night. At first I just dealt with it but, lately I started having more and more days where I can hardly function. It's not good for either one of us so we're have to make a change. So far Aubrey's been very tough and isn't giving up without a fight. Gotta hand it to her, she's very stubborn. Hopefully in the weeks to come we'll have a new routine down and we'll all be well rested for that matter..

(playing with my camera on a cloudy day with my perfect little model. LOVE that smile of hers!)

At eight months old Aubrey..

Can wave at random. Hardly ever when we wave, just when she feels like it lol!

Wears 6-9 month cloths. 12 if it runs small..

Size 2 shoes.

Eats three "solid food" meals a day and the rest is mamas milk.

Is not a picky eater (so far). She'll eat any baby food I give her.

Can eat "puffs" now that mommy's not scared to death that she'll choke ;p

Does wonderfully during car rides now! This was SO not the case before.

Scoots around in her walker much better whereas before she'd barley move an inch.

Babbles when she's crying as if she's telling us off in baby language lol!

Is learning to give the most adorable, slobbery, open mouth kisses :)

Has quite a temper. (oh boy)

Drags her self around on her belly- I sense she'll be crawling very soon..

Can turn her body all directions while still sitting on her bum.

Is still a HUGE mommy's girl. It's a wonder I EVER get anything done!

My sweet, darling baby girl, what an amazing gift you are. I still can't believe you're here even eight months in. I've enjoyed so much seeing all the new and adorable things you do every day. I'm so very proud of you and can't begin to express how much I love you. Can't wait to see what you'll be doing next month!



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