Saturday, October 20, 2012

"Oh the Busyness of Fall"

Posted by Andria at 12:10 PM
We have definitely been busy bees lately as is usual for us during the Fall. Well.. I guess you can say that it's usual for us in general. We've become such an on the go family the past few years. Hey, life's too short right?! Lots of outings, Birthdays (including my own), my anniversary and the list goes on. We're not done yet! Soon we'll have our annual trip to the pumpkin patch, a Halloween party for the kiddos and of course Halloween at Disney!
Here's some of what we've been up to..

We've discovered an awesome place in Lakeland Fl. called the Explorations V Children's Museum. It was SO cute and we really did have  lot of fun. Aizlynn loved playing "News Anchor" in one of the exhibits but by far her favorite section was the Publix supermarket exhibit. You can see in the pics below the moment Aizlynn found the yummiest item in the store ;)

On this particular day Aizlynn had a "Junior Bible Quiz" competition- a really fun program she's involved in through our church (although it's an international program). It's kind of like Jeopardy only it's bible based questions and the kids all have to hit their buzzers quickly to answer. Aizlynn ended up being in the top five of her league! I'm so proud of her! Jeff actually helped coach that day along with another tiny helper..   

As part of my Birthday celebration we (along with one of my favorite mommy friends) went to the ever  anticipated Epcot Food & Wine Festival. We go every year and I seriously NEVER get tired of going. We had an absolute blast!

And what's October without a few yummy home made treats?! Just thought I throw in a pic of a cute little "Monster" cupcake activity Aizlynn & I did. It was super easy and definitely a great way to get in some  great mother/ daughter quality time..

Hope everyone's enjoying October!



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