Sunday, October 28, 2012

Aubrey Grace is Seven Months Old!

Posted by Andria at 5:00 PM

And what a fun month it's been for our sweet little Aubrey Grace! Although, she may never remember her seventh month of life, I've gotta say, having all these experiences with Aubrey there has been a huge joy for us as a family. She's got her very first Halloween at none other than Magic Kingdom to look forward to very soon and we can't be any more excited! Aizlynn will be going as Merida from Brave and this mama will be wearing an absolutely adorable pink baby Aubrey owl that night ;) We thinks it's very fitting since we've always jokingly said that Aubrey's call to me sounds like she's hooting haha! 
This month like so many months in a baby's 1st year has brought on lots of changes in Aubrey. It's like her milestones seem to come in spurts. One great sigh of relief I've had is that she finally uses her legs! To clarify, up until recently Aubrey's knees would always buckle and her little legs would be mush under her weight. She would never stiffen her legs when we'd try to stand her on our laps. Aizlynn could do it at barely three months! I figured she was fine and just doing things on her own time (as usual) but there was always that tiny nagging worry in the back of my mind. Amongst many other new things, she also pushes up on her arms while on her belly and eventually spins herself all the way around. It's too funny! We've really enjoyed watching her grow. It's going by fast but, that's why I ALWAYS remember to take it all in..

At seven months old Aubrey..

LOVES to babble "ma-ma-ma" & "ba-ba-ba" They're her favorite "phrases" right now.

Wears 6-9 month clothes.

Is now sporting TWO adorable little teeth!

Wears size 2 dipes. (and medium cloth diapers) 

Can finally tolerate baby food! So far she's tried bananas, apple, carrots, peas, squash, sweet potatoes and whole grain rice cereal.  

Is enjoying her new ride  um, Combi Walker ;) 
Still get's the majority of her food from Mommy.

Is very hard to put to sleep. This girl does NOT go down without a fight.

Can turn many heads and stop people dead in their tracks with her beauty. (yes I'm bragging)

Is obsessed with her toes! So much so that she HAS to have her foot in her hand even while she's nursing lol!

Hasn't gotten any better at sleeping longer stretches at night. 

Is still bed-sharing. She sleeps practically all night attached to the boobie :/

Sits almost like a pro!

Loves when Daddy plays peek-a-boo with her. She responds best when he does it.

Is starting to sign "milk" when she wants to nurse! We're stoked about that one :)

Stands up on those little legs FINALLY. (as stated earlier)

Still gets sick of being in one particular spot for more that 5-10 minutes i.e. swing, playmate, walker etc.

Sweet baby girl, you have continuously brought complete bliss into our lives. Im constantly thanking God for you and spend I my days just taking you in yet it is never enough. I love you so much!



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