Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Briggette's Go Bowling

Posted by Andria at 12:40 PM

Just another fun family outing for the Briggette's. I think sometimes it's good to shakes things up a bit and do something that's out of the norm for us as a family. We are normally a park, swimming, movies, play-date etc. kind of family but, we hardly ever go bowling. On this particular day I think we were reminded of how fun it can be and plan on making it something we do a little more often..

I caught this sweet moment of Aizlynn looking at her Daddy so lovingly while he explains the rules of the game. Love it!

Making sure she's got a good grip..

She looked so cute trying to throw that heavy ball!

Aubrey and I were her cheerleaders!

Me and my little bowling ball haha!

Watching all the fun while chewing on a teether..

Yup.. Anytime, anywhere ;)

I love my baby dolls!


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