Friday, August 17, 2012

Aizlynn's 8th Birthday

Posted by Andria at 5:36 PM

On August 5th, our precious first born princess turned eight years old. EIGHT! We are so proud of the beautiful, smart and loving girl that she is. I know she's still a child but it's shocking to see how much growing up she's done. It really does seem like just yesterday I was cradling her in my arms. She's become such a passionate, witty & not to mention funny kid- it's been such a joy having her in our lives.

From the moment Aizlynn saw the movie "Brave" she was hooked and decided she wanted it to be her Birthday theme. We celebrated at a relatives house since they have the big yard, swimming pool and trampoline- basically, kid heaven. I did get some ideas online on how to really play on the theme and left the rest to good old Party City ;) It was truly an awesome day with lots of family and good friends to share in the fun. Happy Birthday to my beautiful Aizlynn Marie! You may be eight years old now but your STILL my baby girl..

(Bear Paws! And yep, I made em' myself)

(Little Aubrey Grace enjoying the party)

(Kids are ready to start their archery tournament)

(Daddy helping Aizlynn shoot her "bow")

(I held in a floodgate of tears during this moment lol!)


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