Sunday, July 22, 2012

Aubrey Grace is Four Months Old!

Posted by Andria at 10:58 AM

I now have a gorgeous four month old baby girl! Oh how time does fly! It's a bit sad to see how quickly they grow but, it's also such a privilege. I still can't believe she's mine.

 I feel like just recently we've gotten into a sort of flow with Aubrey. I dare even say she's become a little more predictable which does makes things a bit easier. Aubrey has even gotten WAY better with car rides and believe me, I've taken full advantage of that. I've had a lot more outings with both girls and it's been so much fun! Aubrey now does a lot better outside the house in general- I was even able to leave her in our church's infant care room during service and she did just fine. These things might not seem like much but, they're huge steps for us as I could not leave Aubrey with ANYONE before- she just wouldn't have it. She's still very much attached to her mama (which is fine by me- don't get me wrong) but, is now a lot more tolerant of others holding her. 

 Aubrey's become even more playful than she was last month. She squeals, gurgles and babbles at us and is laughing more than ever. She's even interacting with T.V shows now! Apparently, she loves Barney, Dora and (sigh) Teletubbies. It's so adorable watching her try to "talk" to the characters- I can't help but laugh. Aubrey's beauty continues to captivate everyone around her. Her smile just lights up any place she's in. This little sweetie is such a joy!

At four months old Aubrey

Is now in 0-3 and 3-6 moths cloths depending on the brand. 

Actually enjoys her baths a lot now :D 

Is starting to roll from her back to her tummy a lot better these days. 

Still wakes up around three to four times a night to nurse- PHEW! 

Loves to put everything in her mouth- hands, blankets- whatever she can get a hold of. 

Is super happy, vibrant and playful in the morning. Her giggles and adorable smiles are enough to snap me out of my groggy funk. 

Can almost say Mama! I swear it'll be her first word- HA! (Jeff & I have a friendly competition as to whether she'll say Mama or Dada first) 

Has yet to wear shoes. (yep it's true) She's a socks and booties baby for now. 

Loves to be forward facing when I wear her in a wrap. 

Has the most adorable laugh and we have no problem making complete fools of ourselves to get her to do it ;)

Aubrey Grace, you're the light of my life and you continue to put a smile on my face every day. Happy four months pumpkin!



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