Friday, June 8, 2012

In Good Company

Posted by Andria at 3:04 PM
In the past few years I've had the pleasure of getting to know some of the most awesome people who have done nothing but enrich my life and encourage me. Life since has been full of double dates, dinner parties, brunch dates with girl-friends and so on. I love it! Not only are Jeff & I in good company with decent friends who have a lot of the same goals and values as we do but Aizlynn has also become great friends with their kids. A win/win. Another MAJOR plus- they're great with my girls- something that's hugely important to me. I absolutely love getting together with all of them <3

 One of those awesome couples I speak of are our good friends Diane and her hubby Joe. Diane was actually one of my "preggo buddies" during my pregnancy! She welcomed her pretty little princess Ariyah Eden (at home) about 6 weeks before Aubrey was born. We joked that our kids were going to be bff's but now that it turned out I had a girl too, we're certain of it ;)

(So fun comparing bellies!)

Anywho, we recently had such a great time at Joe and Diane's dinner party.  Delicious food, good conversation and good company as always- Thanks guys!

(Haha! Aubrey's fussing and Ariyah's looking like "what's up with you"?)

(Little miss Aubrey started off with a pretty dress & bow but and after a spit-up spree she ended up in a onesie- Oh well)

(Just the girls!)



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