Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Aubrey Grace Is One Month Old!

Posted by Andria at 4:35 PM

It's so hard to believe it's already been a month since my precious baby girl came into this world. Where does the time go?! Aubrey has been such an amazing addition to our lives- Its like she's always been here. She's given me such a new appreciation for life, family, children and I've seen things so differently in the past month. I really do think my perspective has transformed a little more with each child I've had.

My days are still very much centered around Aubrey. Pretty much anything I do or need to do depends on whether I need to nurse her, change her, put her down for a nap (which can take a while sometimes) etc. Life's definitely taken some getting used to again but I wouldn't have it any other way! We are all so happy to have this sweet baby in our lives.

(Aubrey was starting to fuss haha!)

At one month old Aubrey-

Doesn't really have a natural schedule or rhythm yet so we just go with her flow during the day.

Is most definitely more high maintenance than Aizlynn was. I think we have a tiny diva on our hands ;)

Is happy to be in someone's arms all the time.

Likes and responds well to being swaddled up like a little burrito.

Does NOT like being bathed. She cries pretty much the whole time lol!

Is getting closer to 7 lbs and is starting to look not so swallowed by her newborn outfits.

Eats about every 2 hrs give or take. No sleep for mommy lately!

Is OBSESSED with being on the boobie but does take bottles and pacifiers just fine.

Roots at anything that comes near her face (its actually pretty funny)

I think she's trying to coo a little. She seems to be experimenting with her voice a bit.

Has a very strong little neck and is good at picking her head up.

Is already very observant. I love watching her look at the world around her as if she's truly taking it all in.

She's such a wonderful, BEAUTIFUL baby and I can't wait to see what new things she'll be doing next month! Aubrey, I love you SO VERY MUCH!



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