Friday, March 23, 2012

We Have A Baby GIRL! *1 Week Postpartum Update*

Posted by Andria at 6:36 PM

Hey Everyone! I'm so pleased to announce that on Friday March 16, 2012 at 4:57 am baby Aubrey Grace was born at home, caught by her daddy and weighed in at 5lbs 1oz. (18 inches). Oh and I have to brag on her luscious, full head of hair! Aubrey was born at 39 weeks and 6 days so yes I did skip a week in my pregnancy updates. Life just got too busy near the end. This is not the official birth story yet but, I figured I'd document what's happened so far in my new path in life as a mommy of two!

Mommy Talk..

I'll save the details for the birth story but, the fact is although our home birth was incredibly beautiful it took a very scary turn and I almost lost my life on the very day that I brought Aubrey into this world. There is it, cold hard truth. Where I'm wanting to go with that fact is that I see Aubrey and Aizlynn in a way that I would've never seen them otherwise. I see life in general differently. I always loved being a mommy and now that feeling has been amplified in a way that I never thought was possible.

To say that I'm in total love with my new, sweet, gorgeous baby girl is a complete understatement. I have spent that past week just drinking her in. I've spent my days cuddling, rocking, nursing, kissing and singing lullabies. My absolute favorite thing right now is to lay Aubrey on my chest skin to skin, feel her breath and kiss the top of her head. When she was born I instantly made a deep, profound connection with her and I already feel like I've known her all my life. I look at Aubrey Grace and I'm so overwhelmed with love and gratitude that I can't help but cry..

About Aubrey..

Aubrey has been an incredibly easy baby. She's very chill and only fusses when she wants or needs something. And might I add she happens to have the cutest little cry! We've also been very fortunate in not having to deal with any colic issues so far (knock on wood). She loves laying with mommy and daddy (yes we are co-sleeping) and is content to just stare at us with her piercing little eyes. We've been enjoying her SO MUCH!
(Aubrey Grace 7 days old)

And Me?

The first few days were physically the hardest simply due to the trauma my body went through. I'm still technically recovering but I'm feeling much better. I just have to continue keeping the mindset that I have to let others help me. I'm always trying to be the strong one so that's been hard but my body definitely reminds me with occasional dizzy spells. As for weight, I'm already back in my jeans (YAY!!) and I'm 6 lbs from my pre pregnancy weight. I do have some toning up to do eventually but trust me, I'm in NO rush to even think about that right now. At 1 week postpartum I'm not doing too shabby so I'm satisfied with that ;)

(on the left is me at 3 days postpartum & on the right is 7 days postpartum)

Boobie Talk..

If you read the post about my breastfeeding experience with Aizlynn you'll know that it didn't go well and that I'm dead set on getting my second chance with Aubrey. Nursing did have a bumpy start this time round but we are pressing through. Aubrey's tiny mouth is creating a poor latch which had me scabbed up by day 2. Thank God for pumps, lanolin, nipple shields and shear will because they're what's gotten me through this first week. Things are getting a little better but right now the main challenge at hand is supply. It feels (and looks) like I get very engorged but when I do use the pump I'm only getting just under an ounce from both sides. Hopefully she's getting more just being at the breast :/  Either way when she is at the breast I see what I sadly missed out on with Aizlynn. It really is so so special and despite the pain I feel, I absolutely love nursing her. It's some of the sweetest times we have during our day.



Johnna on March 23, 2012 at 8:21 PM said...

Congratulations! She's gorgeous and I love all the pictures! Looking forward to your birth story! :)

Andria on March 24, 2012 at 5:44 PM said...

Thanks Johnna! We're enjoying her so very much! I'll be getting on the birth story as soon as I can ;)

Francis on March 25, 2012 at 12:58 PM said...

She's adorable. Did you plan on having the baby at home or did she come too fast? The thought of birthing at home intrigues me but I wouldn't take the risk. As it was, my last baby was born unresponsive and things were really scary for a good minute. I'm so thankful for the team of qualified nurses on hand that quickly turned the situation around and everything turned out fine.

Andria on March 26, 2012 at 9:49 AM said...

Hi Francis! Aubrey was a planned home birth. Given the quality of prenatal care & many ultrasounds I received during my pregnancy, we felt very safe giving birth at home. What happened to me had to do with my placenta & really was a fluke thing that would've happened whether I had given birth at home or not. Although yes, I would've received faster emergency care had I given birth at the hospital, my midwife who's extremely qualified, had medications on hand to get that care started before the ambulance got to me & it absolutely helped the outcome. This doesn't in any way make me regret my home birth. Other than the emergency that popped up later, the labor and birth itself was actually a beautiful experience. I hope my situation doesn't scare you or give you the wrong idea about home birth :)

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