Saturday, March 10, 2012

Pregnancy Week 38! Getting Close!

Posted by Andria at 8:38 PM
As I write this post I'm exactly 38 weeks & 5 days along! This week has been the week of a few "false alarms" or just days where Jeff and I are sitting there wondering "Is this It"? Needless to say the excitement around here is almost tangible. Jeff is also now at the point where if I call him at work he picks up on the first ring with a quick & anxious "HELLO". I actually find his nervousness to be so cute ;) It's incredible. After all the ups and downs of trying as well as a miscarriage last year, I'm going to be a Mommy AGAIN!

And our homebirth?

Is a go!! I'm excited to say that this baby has put on enough weight to be safely born in the loving sanctity of our home! Also most likely into Mommy's and Daddy's loving hands as Jeff & I are hoping to catch baby together. I truly can't express how happy and relieved that makes me. It was so touch and go for a while there with a possible diagnosis of uterine growth restriction but this baby has proven everyone wrong! Yes, he or she is expected to be small but we're in a safe zone. We've stocked up the fridge, freezer & pantry with labor goodies aka Gatorades, juices, fresh & frozen fruit for smoothies, trail mix and so on. I have my basket of birth supplies ready and my birth team is on alert. Baby, we're ready when you are!

Here's some of what were we up to during week 38.  Other than our normal errands, church trips and day to day happenings, Jeff happened to capture a park trip, a baking project with Aizlynn and me doing a bit of nesting. As you can see we're having a lot of fun with our new DSLR camera and editing our pics has been so much better now that we can use iPhoto. Jeff loves playing with the color settings lately ;)

and the belly shot!
(Week 38)



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