Friday, March 2, 2012

Pregnancy Week 37- Hanging In There!

Posted by Andria at 7:23 PM
WOW I can't believe we're SO close now! We've kept quite busy up until very recently with shopping, assembling baby gear, heading to appointments, getting some more maternity pictures done (which OH MY GOD I can't wait to show ya'll!) and just doing what we do. There's definitely some major evidence of the impending arrival of a baby going on in this house. I look around the living room, I see a beautiful swing & bouncer among other things. Then I walk upstairs and see an our "baby corner" in my bedroom and I can't help but smile. How can I be so blessed that I get to do this again?

I've vowed to slow down now and just worry about light housework & keep the errands to a minimum. The goal right now is to keep baby in as long as I possibly can (within reason) so I can continue trying to put weight on this kid! I say *continue* because our last ultrasound indicated that babe has been able to put on another 11oz give or take. Yes, as of now it's still not enough for a homebirth BUT, it gives me some peace of mind knowing that baby is receiving nutrients. My fear was that we'd actually start going backwards which can happen in cases of intrauterine growth restriction. We're still going to continue checking baby with weekly ultrasounds until I go into labor. Until then I'm stuck in the middle with no real official place to give birth. The goal is for baby to reach 5lbs 8oz for a homebirth. If I go into labor before we reach that goal, hospital it is. Braxton hicks contractions have been crazy lately & I did lose my mucus plug (sorry TMI) so we're keeping our fingers crossed that nothing happens yet.

(Week 37)

Cravings- Fried Cheesecake & chocolate covered strawberries

Weight Gain- At almost 38 weeks I've managed to put on 18lbs total. I'd like to reach 20 and I think I'll get there soon!

Movement?- Still very strong, sometimes so strong it hurts me!

- At this point we're just maintaining things in order. I'm pretty much done with the important stuff.

Baby Buys- More prefolds and diaper covers, preemie clothes, a moby wrap, nursing cover, one of those mirrors for the car to see baby in, set of 2 sun shields (again for the car) and I forgot what else ;)

Totally Loving
- That I'm almost there!!!

Not So Much- Feeling huge and these strong BH contractions I get throughout the day.

Looking Forward to- Having this baby of course!



Courtney Fisk on March 3, 2012 at 9:46 PM said...

wow! time has flown by- it seems like you just announced you were expecting! I hope you get to have your homebirth!

Andria on March 5, 2012 at 4:44 PM said...

Thanks Courtney! It seems like it actually might happen for us. Baby's done a great job continuing to gain weight :)

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