Friday, March 30, 2012

Aubrey Grace Is Two Weeks Old!

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It feels like I just had Aubrey yesterday but, here we are 14 days in. I find myself already begging for time to slow down. Of course she's still quite tiny but, I know how two weeks will easily turn into two months. Two years.. I guess that's why I'm ok with the fact that my days are almost completely taken up by her. My nights are spent mostly awake feeding her. I'm just allowing myself to fall into this experience. I'm taking everything in. The way she smells, the way her soft round little head feels in my hand, the feeling of her tiny hands wrapped around my finger, the funny way she opens her mouth wide in search of food when I kiss her. It's not easy sometimes but, I know that some day all too soon I'll long to be back to right here, right now.


This week Aubrey had her first trip to the park with her big sister. Yes, all she did was sleep in mommy's arms but its still counts! Also at nine days old her umbilical cord fell out. Just some things I need to document ;) We're starting to see a bit of personality in Aubrey already. She's very expressive with her face and eyes for being only two weeks old. She's definitely found her voice too. If she's tired or hungry and you don't respond fast enough, man will she open her mouth! Aubrey's appetite has increased a lot this past week. She's been eating sometimes every hour and a half and her weight as of now is 5lbs 11oz.  She's definitely a snuggle bug. When we're in bed, she'll wiggle and nuzzle her way toward me until she feels her head or face against me but I do make sure she's not smothering herself! She's most content being cuddled and being on the boobie. She loves her some boobies lol!

Speaking of...

Yes we are still breastfeeding. I will admit that I've had my moments of wanting to quit but I've stayed strong. Though I absolutely love it on an emotional level, physically it's ben rough on me. Even at two weeks into nursing, I'm still experiencing a tremendous amount of pain when she latches. In fact, she's drawn a few tears from me at times. I do know why though. Aubrey has a habit of tucking in her top lip when she nurses and its not been easy to correct that.  The solution so far? Just continuing to nurse despite a very poor latch until we can get this thing down. Aubrey now hates the nipple shield so my options are limited. I know that "taking a break" will kill my supply so I just press on. Once the pain dies down a bit, I do cherish my nursing sessions with her. I just wish it would hurry up and get easier. It hurts me but I truly love doing it if that makes sense. Just praying that we can get over this hump.


Aizlynn's been amazing. She is in love with her new baby sister and has been acting like a little mommy. She loves to lay with Aubrey, talk to her and give her lots and lots of kisses. We've had no issues with jealousy at all. In fact Aizlynn has actually been so understanding of the fact that I'm having to devote so much time to Aubrey. I try to keep her as involved as possible so I think it's helped a lot. We still tell Aizlynn that's she's our baby, she's just our bigger baby. She smiles and says "I know" ;)

And the mama...

Despite my nipples being destroyed lol, I'm getting better slowly but surely. I'm not as weak as I was a week ago but I still have to take it easy. Thankfully Jeffery's been an awesome help from the beginning. I've noticed that my skin's doing this funky postpartum breakout thing so I'm having to deal with that. "Fun." But on a better note, I'm now 5 lbs from my pre pregnancy weight and I didn't even need to do anything. I guess breastfeeding really is a great way to get your figure back!


Friday, March 23, 2012

We Have A Baby GIRL! *1 Week Postpartum Update*

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Hey Everyone! I'm so pleased to announce that on Friday March 16, 2012 at 4:57 am baby Aubrey Grace was born at home, caught by her daddy and weighed in at 5lbs 1oz. (18 inches). Oh and I have to brag on her luscious, full head of hair! Aubrey was born at 39 weeks and 6 days so yes I did skip a week in my pregnancy updates. Life just got too busy near the end. This is not the official birth story yet but, I figured I'd document what's happened so far in my new path in life as a mommy of two!

Mommy Talk..

I'll save the details for the birth story but, the fact is although our home birth was incredibly beautiful it took a very scary turn and I almost lost my life on the very day that I brought Aubrey into this world. There is it, cold hard truth. Where I'm wanting to go with that fact is that I see Aubrey and Aizlynn in a way that I would've never seen them otherwise. I see life in general differently. I always loved being a mommy and now that feeling has been amplified in a way that I never thought was possible.

To say that I'm in total love with my new, sweet, gorgeous baby girl is a complete understatement. I have spent that past week just drinking her in. I've spent my days cuddling, rocking, nursing, kissing and singing lullabies. My absolute favorite thing right now is to lay Aubrey on my chest skin to skin, feel her breath and kiss the top of her head. When she was born I instantly made a deep, profound connection with her and I already feel like I've known her all my life. I look at Aubrey Grace and I'm so overwhelmed with love and gratitude that I can't help but cry..

About Aubrey..

Aubrey has been an incredibly easy baby. She's very chill and only fusses when she wants or needs something. And might I add she happens to have the cutest little cry! We've also been very fortunate in not having to deal with any colic issues so far (knock on wood). She loves laying with mommy and daddy (yes we are co-sleeping) and is content to just stare at us with her piercing little eyes. We've been enjoying her SO MUCH!
(Aubrey Grace 7 days old)

And Me?

The first few days were physically the hardest simply due to the trauma my body went through. I'm still technically recovering but I'm feeling much better. I just have to continue keeping the mindset that I have to let others help me. I'm always trying to be the strong one so that's been hard but my body definitely reminds me with occasional dizzy spells. As for weight, I'm already back in my jeans (YAY!!) and I'm 6 lbs from my pre pregnancy weight. I do have some toning up to do eventually but trust me, I'm in NO rush to even think about that right now. At 1 week postpartum I'm not doing too shabby so I'm satisfied with that ;)

(on the left is me at 3 days postpartum & on the right is 7 days postpartum)

Boobie Talk..

If you read the post about my breastfeeding experience with Aizlynn you'll know that it didn't go well and that I'm dead set on getting my second chance with Aubrey. Nursing did have a bumpy start this time round but we are pressing through. Aubrey's tiny mouth is creating a poor latch which had me scabbed up by day 2. Thank God for pumps, lanolin, nipple shields and shear will because they're what's gotten me through this first week. Things are getting a little better but right now the main challenge at hand is supply. It feels (and looks) like I get very engorged but when I do use the pump I'm only getting just under an ounce from both sides. Hopefully she's getting more just being at the breast :/  Either way when she is at the breast I see what I sadly missed out on with Aizlynn. It really is so so special and despite the pain I feel, I absolutely love nursing her. It's some of the sweetest times we have during our day.


Saturday, March 10, 2012

Pregnancy Week 38! Getting Close!

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As I write this post I'm exactly 38 weeks & 5 days along! This week has been the week of a few "false alarms" or just days where Jeff and I are sitting there wondering "Is this It"? Needless to say the excitement around here is almost tangible. Jeff is also now at the point where if I call him at work he picks up on the first ring with a quick & anxious "HELLO". I actually find his nervousness to be so cute ;) It's incredible. After all the ups and downs of trying as well as a miscarriage last year, I'm going to be a Mommy AGAIN!

And our homebirth?

Is a go!! I'm excited to say that this baby has put on enough weight to be safely born in the loving sanctity of our home! Also most likely into Mommy's and Daddy's loving hands as Jeff & I are hoping to catch baby together. I truly can't express how happy and relieved that makes me. It was so touch and go for a while there with a possible diagnosis of uterine growth restriction but this baby has proven everyone wrong! Yes, he or she is expected to be small but we're in a safe zone. We've stocked up the fridge, freezer & pantry with labor goodies aka Gatorades, juices, fresh & frozen fruit for smoothies, trail mix and so on. I have my basket of birth supplies ready and my birth team is on alert. Baby, we're ready when you are!

Here's some of what were we up to during week 38.  Other than our normal errands, church trips and day to day happenings, Jeff happened to capture a park trip, a baking project with Aizlynn and me doing a bit of nesting. As you can see we're having a lot of fun with our new DSLR camera and editing our pics has been so much better now that we can use iPhoto. Jeff loves playing with the color settings lately ;)

and the belly shot!
(Week 38)


Monday, March 5, 2012

Our Beautiful Baby Shower

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I'm so blessed to have such a wonderful family and awesome friends who came together Sunday Feb. 19 2012 in honor of our baby! We honestly had the most incredible time. There were games, tons of food- some homemade and some catered, lots and lots of  presents, loved ones and beautiful moments shared. Oh lets not forget the cake! I LOVED my cake, it was gorgeous and delicious! I felt like a princess that day and I'm still incredibly grateful for it all. There were too many pictures to chose from so I had to narrow it down to some of my favorites. Here are some great moments from that special day..


Friday, March 2, 2012

Pregnancy Week 37- Hanging In There!

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WOW I can't believe we're SO close now! We've kept quite busy up until very recently with shopping, assembling baby gear, heading to appointments, getting some more maternity pictures done (which OH MY GOD I can't wait to show ya'll!) and just doing what we do. There's definitely some major evidence of the impending arrival of a baby going on in this house. I look around the living room, I see a beautiful swing & bouncer among other things. Then I walk upstairs and see an our "baby corner" in my bedroom and I can't help but smile. How can I be so blessed that I get to do this again?

I've vowed to slow down now and just worry about light housework & keep the errands to a minimum. The goal right now is to keep baby in as long as I possibly can (within reason) so I can continue trying to put weight on this kid! I say *continue* because our last ultrasound indicated that babe has been able to put on another 11oz give or take. Yes, as of now it's still not enough for a homebirth BUT, it gives me some peace of mind knowing that baby is receiving nutrients. My fear was that we'd actually start going backwards which can happen in cases of intrauterine growth restriction. We're still going to continue checking baby with weekly ultrasounds until I go into labor. Until then I'm stuck in the middle with no real official place to give birth. The goal is for baby to reach 5lbs 8oz for a homebirth. If I go into labor before we reach that goal, hospital it is. Braxton hicks contractions have been crazy lately & I did lose my mucus plug (sorry TMI) so we're keeping our fingers crossed that nothing happens yet.

(Week 37)

Cravings- Fried Cheesecake & chocolate covered strawberries

Weight Gain- At almost 38 weeks I've managed to put on 18lbs total. I'd like to reach 20 and I think I'll get there soon!

Movement?- Still very strong, sometimes so strong it hurts me!

- At this point we're just maintaining things in order. I'm pretty much done with the important stuff.

Baby Buys- More prefolds and diaper covers, preemie clothes, a moby wrap, nursing cover, one of those mirrors for the car to see baby in, set of 2 sun shields (again for the car) and I forgot what else ;)

Totally Loving
- That I'm almost there!!!

Not So Much- Feeling huge and these strong BH contractions I get throughout the day.

Looking Forward to- Having this baby of course!