Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Pregnancy Weeks 35 & 36 (Possible Hospital Birth)

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Our household has been in complete "Operation: Get ready For Baby" mode the past two weeks. With all the nesting I've done during the pregnancy I've been shocked at how much more I had found to do. Things like cleaning the refrigerator, prepping diapers and even organizing the laundry room! Guess what? I'm STILL not done!

One of the main reasons there is now more to do is because I had my baby shower recently which means there's a lot to put away again. What a wonderful reason to have more to do though! Our baby shower was absolutely fantastic and we received so much more than I expected. I plan on dedicating a post to just that very soon and give you more of a peak at that awesome day.

Now on to the not so fluffy...

I mentioned in my last post that I was scheduled for an ultrasound on the 16th. Well, apparently the baby seems to have really slowed in growth and also my amniotic fluid levels have dropped. These are indicators that the placenta's starting to call it quits and causing baby to have a growth restriction. Yeah.. Not the news I wanted to hear. I hate the fact that if there is something going on with the placenta, I have NO control over it. There's nothing I can do or anything I could've done.
When my midwife called me about it I instantly thought about the precious baby we worked so hard for and how I just wanted everything to be alright. Then I thought about the fact that my homebirth might be taken away from me. It's meant so much to me to be able to have this baby in the loving environment that is our home. The whole thing has me feeling anxious and even angry. I'm just not a hospital person AT ALL. Not unless there's a medical necessity in which case I can't deny that there just might be.

So What Happens Now?

Tomorrow (2/23) I'm scheduled to be seen by an OBGYN who will do his own evaluation and pretty much decide my fate. Very nerve-wracking to think he might take one look and say "we need to deliver you now". I'm hoping and praying with every fiber of my being that this has all been a mistake and they'll tell me that everything's just fine. Wouldn't that be nice? Either way I'll try to update as soon as I know more, even if it means a quick, one paragraph post. Please pray & keep you fingers AND toes crossed for me!

(week 35)

(week 36)


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Pregnancy Weeks 33 - 34 & Baby Name List Reveal!

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Lately, I've really focused on just enjoying our last weeks as a family of three. Though moving up to a family of four is going to be absolutely amazing, I realize that our little trio is about to change forever. It's just kinda surreal in a crazy, wonderful way. I'm finding myself starring at Aizlynn and thinking about the fact that she's not going to be the baby anymore and it makes me cry. It's a strange emotion I can't explain. My precious "baby" will soon be referred to as "my oldest" and it just feels weird to me. Even still, I do realize what an awesome thing it is that she finally gets to be a big sister and we finally get another precious child in our lives. The anticipation is immense but, I'm also lost in my thoughts of knowing how life is about to change..


Recently, I had a prenatal appointment which actually went well. Baby's still on my left side, head down, comfortably snuggled in the position he/she has favored almost the entire pregnancy. My midwife always giggles at the fact the the baby is so easily felt- back, butt, thigh, feet & head are all identified within first touch. I'm literally ALL BABY! There's definitely been some growth in my fundal height (a cm but still) and also my weight is now coming on steadily as I thought it eventually would. Still waiting on another ultrasound set for Feb. 16th just to be certain that everything's functioning as it should and also to check on baby since I have been on the smaller side. I was sent home that day with my "birth box" (homebirth supplies that the midwife needs) & my list of all the things I'll need to purchase for the birth as well. Between coming home with that & seeing the birth pool in my living room, It's making everything that much more real! We'll be shopping this week for all the things on my list.Oh and on a totally random note, I'm obsessed with baths lately. I think I can really see myself being pretty comfortable in water when I finally go into labor..

(week 33)

(week 34, gettin' big!)
I seriously laugh at the thought that so many people still see me as "tiny". I guess one always feels big when it's them carrying the baby right?!

And the names..

Well as you all know, we decided it would be that much more special to NOT find out the sex of our babe. We just love love love the surprise factor! The downside? Having to come up with two sets of names as if trying to figure out one isn't hard enough! We're still not a hundred percent definite on a boy or girl name (we might just wait to see what the baby looks like) but either way I've decided to share our list :) 


* Aubrey
* Sophia 
* Madison
* Isabella
* Kinley
* Addison  

* Ethan 
* Gavin
* Logan
* Aidan
* Landon

There you have it! We're still open to ideas and suggestions so please feel free to comment!