Monday, January 9, 2012

Pregnancy Weeks 26 - 29. Hello Third Trimester!!

Posted by Andria at 3:54 PM
AHH I can't believe it! I'm officially in my third trimester!! (and cue the Hallelujah chorus) I'm just so amazed to be this much closer to having this beautiful babe in my arms. There's still so much to do! Or maybe there's not- I don't know, it just feels like there is I guess! The excitement around here (and throughout mine and Jeff's families) is growing stronger with baby shower plans underway and loving hands beginning to knit blankets.

This baby has definitely had a growth spurt. In my last update I was just focused on trying to put on some weight. Now, I can see a sudden difference in my belly and I've gained six pounds in just a few weeks! That put me at a total of a nine lbs as of 28 weeks. I'm still considered "under weight" but, I know that won't be the case for much longer. At this point I'm sure I'll steadily gain until baby makes it's debut. I was pretty sure that was going to be the case so I'm glad I didn't panic about my weight before. We all know that every woman is different and this is just my body's way.

Speaking of my body, holy cow- has there been changes! Some I'm not too thrilled about if I'm being quite honest. My pelvic bones from the back are being pushed out really bad. (Hope that made sense)In other words, you can literally see two boney lumps sticking out of my lower back area. I suppose it's just my body's way of creating space for baby but, it looks crazy and causes me pain sometimes. Oh well. I remind myself that it's temporary and getting a baby out of this makes it all worth it! Let's see, my hips have spread (a feature the hubs is loving lol) and the "girls" are definitely bigger and looking more like a veiny road map. Yeah, I said it! Hey moms, we know it's not always glamorous but, in many other ways pregnancy is still a beautiful thing :)

 (week 26)

(week 27)

 (week 29)

Cravings- Nothing specific lately.. Just whatever I see on TV that looks good!

Weight Gain- 9 lbs total and still growing I'm sure!

Movement?- Getting stronger and stronger which I love <3

- Due to the Holidays, I've slowed down on that but now it's back to work!

Baby Buys- Nope. Now waiting til after my baby shower ;)

Totally Loving
- Just this whole experience. I feel so so blessed and don't take anything for granted.

Not So Much- Lower back pain and dizzy spells every once in a while.

Looking Forward to- Experiencing this new year with my beautiful family and all that will come with it!



Mary Ruth Gilliam on January 9, 2012 at 4:16 PM said...

You're almost in the home-stretch!!

Andria on January 9, 2012 at 4:31 PM said...

Yes and it feels wonderful!

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