Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Pregnancy weeks 30 - 32!

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I'm finding that the closer I get to having this baby, the busier I get which seems to make time go even faster (yikes)! With the past few weeks filled with family outings, activities, more play dates and lets not forget I'm a homeschooling mama, it just feels like my last trimester is whizzing by at light speed. My desire to dabble in social media has increasing become less & less important when compared to the things going on in my life. I do say this humbly; life's just to darn good right now and seriously, nothing else matters. While it seems like we're on the go a lot, I do like the business of all the fun stuff we've been doing but, I also love the simplicity of the days where I'm laying with all the loves of my life (including the one in my belly) to watch a movie and snuggle together. I can only imagine how amazing it'll be when we have these times together after our little one arrives.

As for my very pregnant self..

I've been on a huge fruit & veggie kick lately not only to stay healthy but honestly it's also been due to cravings. That's not to say I don't crave the occasional sweet treat believe me. I'm also way more sensitive & emotional lately, breaking down at the sight of every sappy commercial or movie.

Hip & pelvis issues have been present from the beginning of this pregnancy so I've been getting into prenatal yoga a few times a week to try to combat it. I'm still trying to decide if it's been more helpful or hurtful since I'm always pretty sore after but, for now I'm sticking with it.

I know I've said this before but really, I'm starting to feel huge! I know I'm not huge at all but, I'm feelin' it! I'm finally feeling that "lugging around a heavy sack at all times" feeling (I'm quite a sight walking waddling around a store), the skin on my belly feels so tight it hurts sometimes and it's now becoming uncomfortable to sleep on my back. Makes me feel breathless. Thankfully I haven't experienced any swelling at all during this pregnancy so that's a plus.

Weight gain has been quite slow still. I've only managed to put on a couple pounds since my last update but, I'm keeping mindful of it.

Babe's becoming really cramped inside me which can be noted by it's movements. I find myself sympathizing and apologizing to the poor little thing as I rub my belly saying things like "I know baby- It's getting tight in there, Mommy's so sorry." ;)  Also he or she is quite the hiccupy child like it's big sister was. I feel the baby's hiccups sometimes five times a day. Though I feel kinda bad, I also think it's so cute!

 (week 30)

 (week31 *baby was sitting lower this day*)

(week 32)

Cravings- Granny Smith apples, arugula salads, pesto and blueberry pie (yes, I'm weird)

Weight Gain- 11 lbs

Movement?- Movement has been crazy! Because of the fact that this poor baby's becoming squished in there, all movements look extreme and limbs look like they're going to burst through my skin lol! You can be sitting across the room and CLEARLY see this baby moving through clothes and all.

Nesting- All the time and what's funny is I thinks Jeff's gone into nesting mode too :)

Baby Buys- I said I'd wait to buy anything till after the baby shower but I couldn't help myself. Latest buys have been some cloth diapers and a cute sleeper with a little lamb on it. I HAD to have it! We do plan on getting our birth pool this week but I don't think that really counts as a baby buy..

Totally Loving- Massages, belly rubs and belly kisses from Jeff, all the cuddles from Aizlynn, long showers, getting my toes done, feeling baby move and our sparkly, new iMac!

Not So Much- Just the aches and pains that come with getting further along and also having to run to bathroom in a moments notice or risk peeing myself lol! Hasn't happened yet but I'm scared it might someday..

Looking Forward to- My baby shower!


Monday, January 16, 2012


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As most of you might know through reading my past posts, we've made the decision not to find out the sex of our baby. It's just sort of our thing you could say since we didn't care to know with Aizlynn and had no intentions of finding out with the pregnancy that we lost. If there's a third in our future then it'll be a surprise baby as well. Both Jeff and I absolutely LOVE the mystery and wonder of not knowing and the experience of finding out at birth is a high like no other! I know for many people it would drive them crazy not knowing but, for us it's normal, natural and easy.

With not knowing comes the barrage of guessing games based on old wives tales, Chinese birth charts and just gut feelings from family and friends. I have been back and forth with my guesses but, lately I've been having tons of baby boy dreams. Now, I will say that most everyone I know including Jeff has told me that this is most definitely a bouncing baby boy so I'm starting to think that it might be influencing my dreams. Who can really say how much weight these dreams hold? I'm just wondering if maybe some sort of mother's intuition is kicking into overdrive. They're just so vivid lately that I'm really staring to think- Could this really be our first boy?! Will we be parents to a son? After having a girl for seven years now it feels so crazy to think that there might be a lot of blue in our future!

I became so accustomed to being a mommy to a little girl that there was a time in my life when I used to say I only wanted girls. Yeah, sad but true. Looking back I realize it was really for nothing but shallow reasons. All I would think about was that I might not have as much fun with shopping and how there'd be no bows & no frills. Really? I've grown so much as a person since then and after suffering a miscarriage I see children VERY differently. Part of it was also the fear of the unknown. "Could I really bond with a boy, play trucks and yes, even enjoy shopping in the boy section?" Of course I could! It would be different but like with anything else, you adjust. Besides, how awesome would it be to have one of each! It would be an honor and a privilege to have a boy or a girl and I can now say with honesty that I'd be thrilled with either one.

So, If there's is indeed a precious baby boy on the way then bring on the blue! He'll be loved, cherished and adored for sure. If it's a little princess, she certainly won't lack for love either. Plus it'll be familiar territory for us. I'm just glad that it won't be much longer til we find out for sure! I can't wait!


Monday, January 9, 2012

Pregnancy Weeks 26 - 29. Hello Third Trimester!!

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AHH I can't believe it! I'm officially in my third trimester!! (and cue the Hallelujah chorus) I'm just so amazed to be this much closer to having this beautiful babe in my arms. There's still so much to do! Or maybe there's not- I don't know, it just feels like there is I guess! The excitement around here (and throughout mine and Jeff's families) is growing stronger with baby shower plans underway and loving hands beginning to knit blankets.

This baby has definitely had a growth spurt. In my last update I was just focused on trying to put on some weight. Now, I can see a sudden difference in my belly and I've gained six pounds in just a few weeks! That put me at a total of a nine lbs as of 28 weeks. I'm still considered "under weight" but, I know that won't be the case for much longer. At this point I'm sure I'll steadily gain until baby makes it's debut. I was pretty sure that was going to be the case so I'm glad I didn't panic about my weight before. We all know that every woman is different and this is just my body's way.

Speaking of my body, holy cow- has there been changes! Some I'm not too thrilled about if I'm being quite honest. My pelvic bones from the back are being pushed out really bad. (Hope that made sense)In other words, you can literally see two boney lumps sticking out of my lower back area. I suppose it's just my body's way of creating space for baby but, it looks crazy and causes me pain sometimes. Oh well. I remind myself that it's temporary and getting a baby out of this makes it all worth it! Let's see, my hips have spread (a feature the hubs is loving lol) and the "girls" are definitely bigger and looking more like a veiny road map. Yeah, I said it! Hey moms, we know it's not always glamorous but, in many other ways pregnancy is still a beautiful thing :)

 (week 26)

(week 27)

 (week 29)

Cravings- Nothing specific lately.. Just whatever I see on TV that looks good!

Weight Gain- 9 lbs total and still growing I'm sure!

Movement?- Getting stronger and stronger which I love <3

- Due to the Holidays, I've slowed down on that but now it's back to work!

Baby Buys- Nope. Now waiting til after my baby shower ;)

Totally Loving
- Just this whole experience. I feel so so blessed and don't take anything for granted.

Not So Much- Lower back pain and dizzy spells every once in a while.

Looking Forward to- Experiencing this new year with my beautiful family and all that will come with it!