Monday, October 3, 2011

Pregnancy Weeks 14/15: A Belly Has Bloomed!

Posted by Andria at 10:22 PM
The past couple weeks has been pretty eventful. We have told all of the family about our impending little one which now has the whole family buzzing. Strangely, it's been almost an odd thing having to get used to all the sudden attention I've been receiving. I realize that it's probably due to the fact that this has been mine and Jeff's little secret for so long. Now that everyone knows it's been this crazy sort of all at once flood of questions, phone calls and yes even belly rubs. I don't mind it at all though, it's just taken some getting used to.

Telling Aizlynn...
The most important person who knows now is our little girl Aizlynn. Getting to tell her was so awesome yet so nerve wracking. Pesky thoughts crept in that the moment I told her would be the moment something would go wrong and then her little heart would be broken again. On the other hand I asked myself "What are you gonna do- tell her when your belly's huge and have no other choice?!" I felt we had waited a reasonable amount of time and she is SO thrilled about being a big sister. We took her out to eat, presented her with a box that had her "Best Big Sister" shirt in it, had her open it and read it and the look on her face was priceless!

Hello baby...
As for pregnancy and baby info, the last couple weeks have brought on some new and wonderful things. Ok also some not so wonderful things but, I'll stick with the warm and fuzzy. At exactly 15 weeks we got our first official kick and those tiny kicks have been ever present since! Yes I know its early but, its true! Baby kicks most often when I'm laying down so it's the last thing I feel when I go to sleep and the first thing I fell when I wake up. It's been beautiful.

Also on the day I turned 15 weeks we went to a baby expo the was held locally in Orlando. To our surprise one of the venders there was giving out free two minute ultrasounds! The line was more than and hour wait but, we just couldn't pass it up. I was SO nervous when my turn came. I just didn't want to hear that something could be wrong but when the tech placed that machine on my belly, the most precious and perfect image instantly appeared. A perfectly formed, bouncy, wriggly baby. I lost it. I wasn't expecting to, not to that severity but, I did. The poor girl performing the ultrasound was handing me tissues left and right and I kept apologizing for crying lol! I guess I was just overcome by a mixture of love, relief and some hardcore pregnancy hormones! Although we will get a "real" ultrasound done soon, I'm so glad we got to see our baby. I really needed it.

Hello bump...
I knew this was coming soon and I knew it would happen almost over night. The belly has definitely popped out! I'm still not obviously pregnant to the general public. Atleast not to the point where someone would risk coming up to me and asking my due date but, it's an official baby bump now. Small enough to go unnoticed by strangers but, big enough (& low enough) to now be hugged by the stretchy bands of maternity pants. My jeans are definitely a no go at this point. I'm loving my little preggo pouch. It's cute and it's mine!

I included my week 14 pic so you can easily compare!



Anonymous said...

I feel a sense of relief seeing your 14 week photos, I myself am 14 weeks and have a very tiny frame, my belly is barely showing. It seems like all the other women at my stage have noticeable bumps but I have to realize that we are all built differently. It's great to check out pregnancy blogs, it makes us feel less alone so thanks for yours.
Take care.

Anonymous said...

Ohhh my goshh that's such a relief! I'm 14 weeks now and I started to get worried because I'm not showing the slightest bit! Not to mention I barely had symptoms to begin with and my period still. :/ But knowing not really showing yet is normal sure does take a bunch of stress and worries off me.(:

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