Friday, April 1, 2011

"Pregnancy week 7 update"

Posted by Andria at 10:35 AM
I'm seven weeks along! It really feels like the weeks are just flying by. I guess that's what happens when your busy keeping house, homeschooling, driving your child to their activities, church, having friends dropping by and also having friends steal you away from home which was fun. I had a (mostly) great week and topped it off with my first maternity top purchases! They're so cute! I know I don't need them yet but a girl's gotta be prepared right?

This week my little one is developing hands and feet and has already doubled in size! Tiny little eyelids are forming as well as the tip of the nose. Both hemispheres of the baby's brain are growing and an appendix and a pancreas are now developed. It is just incredible to know that each week so many wonderful, new changes are taking place. I enjoyed my first pregnancy but now that I'm older and I've had almost seven years of being a mother, I can appreciate so much more the miracle that's at hand. I can even see how much more my husband is taking in the experience too. He sometimes just lays next to me at night quietly with his hand on my belly and we both just take it all in without saying a word. Nothing nor anyone could steal our joy...

Size of baby? A half an inch already! About the size of a blueberry

Symptoms? Just zapped of all my energy. Although I must say that I'm shocked that I'm not experiencing morning sickness. I was slapped hard with it at seven weeks the 1st time. Praying I continue on without it!

Cravings? I've wanted Chinese food SO bad this week and those sugary doughnut holes you find at those Chinese buffets but I haven't acted on either craving so I was a good girl ;)

Precious moments this week? Hanging out with a dear friend. We had a blast and I just thank God for her...

Any weight gain? Nope, nope!

Baby Bump? Still nothing. Those abs are hanging on for dear life lol!

Movement? Much too early.

Still adjusting to... To the no coffee thing. Im dying!

Changes in the home? Nothing new this week

I Can't wait until... I get some of my energy back. Its becoming harder to keep up with things when you want to nap all day.



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