Thursday, March 24, 2011

"Pergnancy week 6 update"

Posted by Andria at 8:11 PM

We are now at six weeks! It's still such a crucial time in the pregnancy that I feel relief at every passing day. I'm continuing to have those moments of "Oh my gosh, I'm having a baby". I'm not sure when that will fade. Maybe never lol! Even our families are still buzzing with excitement for this new little addition. Some are already planning some sort of huge baby shower! It's such a blessing to have so much love, support and anticipation from family and friends. It humbles me every time.

Some pretty awesome developments are happening with our "baby bean" this week. The nose, mouth, eyes and ears are starting to form. Little arm and leg bugs are also developing. His/her tiny little heart is already working hard at 100-160 beats per minute and the intestine, lungs and the pituitary gland is under way.

Size of baby? Baby is about a quarter of and inch long, the size of a lentil :)

Symptoms? Still just super tired. I actually think it may be getting worse :/

Cravings? I still have all the same craving as last week but now I've added to the list. My main craving this week has been tomatoes and basil drizzled in olive oil and balsamic vinegar. YUM!

Precious moments this week? Laying in my bed and TRULY realizing that I'm a mommy to this tiny being growing inside me. it made me a little emotional...

Any weight gain? No

Baby Bump? No.

Movement? Not yet!

Still adjusting to... The fact that ALREADY, I can't do quite the same things I used to.

Changes in the home? Same as last week. Just trying to organize as much as I can for now. Also, I already have enough wipes to last almost the babies first year!

I Can't wait until... I go shopping in this weekend for new clothes!



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