Thursday, November 18, 2010

Fun in November

Posted by Andria at 5:10 PM
Just to add yet another thing to our ginormous list of family outings and traditions, we recently went to this year's "Festival of Trees". Oh we also went to a six acre corn maze (great fall activity but, that's another post). Anyway, even though this is an event we go to annually, I was even more impressed this year than last if that's possible! If you wondering what the "Festival of Tress" is, the best was I can describe it is like one big art exhibit of Christmas trees. Believe me these are not your normal Christmas trees - I mean, these trees truly are ART. The event is held in an art gallery and all. There is also an area of the gallery for gingerbread "houses". The reason I put quotations on houses is because they're more like gingerbread mansions! Oh, and let's not forget that Santa is there every year :) They always hold the event in November because people who fill out raffle tickets can actually win some of these trees and the people who made the tree will set it up in your home for you. Of course, since my luck is so "incredible" I never win LOL! If you wanted to purchase a tree as is, you can expect to fork out anywhere from $800.00 (for a small tree) to a few grand. Yeah, for now, I'll just enjoy looking at them ;) We really look forward to going every year. The ambiance truly does get you in the Christmas spirit early.

Here's the thing, I find that families do way more in October and December but, for a lot of people, November is just a Thanksgiving month. Not that that's a bad thing but, I bet if you look online or in your local paper, you can find many great holiday events to enjoy with your family. I bet you can even find out some great events held at local churches that are usually free or at VERY low cost. In the end, it's all about creating memories right? I say, let's make November just as fun as December.



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