Tuesday, November 30, 2010

"Make Me a Meal Planning Mama"!

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If there's one thing I definitely have no self-discipline in, it's meal planning. I have looked upon you oh so "Bri Van De Kamp-ish, I plan my meals a month ahead" mommies with envy for the simple fact that I am awful with meal planning! AWFUL! Don't get me wrong, I love to cook, but find that I'm constantly cooking on a whim. I need some help in this area which is the purpose of this post and I'm sure there’s millions of other women out there who do to... I tell myself this to make myself feel better...:)

Let me just dig a little deeper here and expose one of the main issues that relates to this dilemma. I go grocery shopping with a planned budget and a list. Then I come out with an extra twenty five random things I didn't plan to buy and I choke back tears as I look at my receipt realizing I've once again spent way more than I wanted too. I feel the need to bring that into light since It's my understanding that sticking to the grocery list, budgeting and meal planning all go hand in hand.

I realize that if I plan my meals, I would be forced to stick with the list thus saving money. Simple right? Apparently not for me! I think part of the problem is a lack of resources and the fact that I actually find the act or grocery shopping therapeutic. Well, I find any kind of shopping therapeutic but that's a different post for a different day hehe!

Anyway, to all you mama's who have it together out there, what are your recommendations? Do you have favorite sites that have helped you and what about some favorite coupon sites? Which of you out there actually uses a computer program to organize your meals? I'm on a quest to becoming a more efficient and organized person/wife/mother. I think jumping on the meal planning bandwagon will help me get one step closer to reaching that goal. Any and all advice that could help make me a meal planning mama would be helpful for me and my wallet!


Thursday, November 18, 2010

Fun in November

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Just to add yet another thing to our ginormous list of family outings and traditions, we recently went to this year's "Festival of Trees". Oh we also went to a six acre corn maze (great fall activity but, that's another post). Anyway, even though this is an event we go to annually, I was even more impressed this year than last if that's possible! If you wondering what the "Festival of Tress" is, the best was I can describe it is like one big art exhibit of Christmas trees. Believe me these are not your normal Christmas trees - I mean, these trees truly are ART. The event is held in an art gallery and all. There is also an area of the gallery for gingerbread "houses". The reason I put quotations on houses is because they're more like gingerbread mansions! Oh, and let's not forget that Santa is there every year :) They always hold the event in November because people who fill out raffle tickets can actually win some of these trees and the people who made the tree will set it up in your home for you. Of course, since my luck is so "incredible" I never win LOL! If you wanted to purchase a tree as is, you can expect to fork out anywhere from $800.00 (for a small tree) to a few grand. Yeah, for now, I'll just enjoy looking at them ;) We really look forward to going every year. The ambiance truly does get you in the Christmas spirit early.

Here's the thing, I find that families do way more in October and December but, for a lot of people, November is just a Thanksgiving month. Not that that's a bad thing but, I bet if you look online or in your local paper, you can find many great holiday events to enjoy with your family. I bet you can even find out some great events held at local churches that are usually free or at VERY low cost. In the end, it's all about creating memories right? I say, let's make November just as fun as December.


Friday, November 12, 2010

Still Getting the Hang of This!

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Hey everyone, just wanted to let you all know that I will be making some tweaks here and there with my blog (eventually getting a whole new look all together). Technically, I really am clueless and apparently NONE of my videos are working :/ My apologies. I will have those fixed soon! Please let me know if you ever experience a problem in the future so I can jump on it ASAP. Oh and topic suggestion are very much welcomed! Thanks guys :)


Thursday, November 11, 2010

Halloween at Disney 2010!

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Yes, I know I'm posting this way late but life has gotten a bit crazy around here. I figured better late than never right? Anyway, as one could imagine we had an amazing time this Halloween since it was spent at none other than Disney's Magic Kingdom! Like I mentioned in my fall post, we usually attend "Mickey's Not so Scary Halloween Party" every year but never actually went on Halloween day like we did this time around. SO SO fun! Crowded but fun :) I even dressed up myself. Just threw together some wings, crazy makeup and stuff and there, I was a fairy hehe.
Aizlynn was Princess Tiana and a beautiful one if I do say so myself! The candy, the costumes, the parade, the fireworks really did make for one magical Halloween. Hope everyone's Halloween was awesome! Here's some of the pics and A bit of video. I'm going to go ahead and include some pics from our trip to the Pumpkin Patch and some pumpkin carving pics too (since I also didn't get around to making those posts either lol) Enjoy!

video video