Friday, October 22, 2010

A Day at Busch Gardens!

Posted by Andria at 12:41 PM
We had such an amazing family day at Busch Gardens that I just HAD to share! We had originally made it a birthday trip for me (which was 10/11 ) but, just due to the craziness that is October in the Briggette household, it got pushed up yet again. It just got to a point where on Wed night, DH said "Babe, I'm emailing my professor to tell him I won't be in class so we can go tomorrow". I heart him :) Then next morning we got up early and made the trip to Tampa Bay. I had been to Busch Gardens before ,but it was Jeff's and Aizlynn's 1st time so they we're especially excited when we got there. It was really cute to see Jeff that way, "Let's go here"! "OH next, we can go there"! lol. He had total control of the map , but that was fine with me.
What was awesome was the fact that since we're homeschooling Aizlynn now, the trip was kind of like a field trip for her. It was perfect because in the past two weeks, she's been learning about habitats. I absolutely loved seeing the amazement in her face when she would see all the different animals.

We did mostly everything there was to do in the park minus some crazy roller coasters (no thanks). Thankfully, there were lots of kid friendly areas so there was plenty of spots where A could have tons of fun. She especially loved the Sesame Street playground. We saw lions, monkeys, hyenas, elephants, tigers and so MANY more animals! We even fed birds and kangaroos!

We've been to theme parks many times already this year. I'm more of a Disney girl myself. There have been days where I didn't even mention going. I guess we're almost used to it living here in Orlando but, this was definitely a trip worth talking about since it's not usual for us to go all the way to Tampa. It was just so much fun and we can't wait to go again some day!
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Cheryl on November 10, 2010 at 4:30 PM said...

That looks like fun! I can't work your videos though. Thanks for signing the Amazon boycott.

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