Friday, August 13, 2010

TTC prep

Posted by Andria at 7:02 PM
Ever since we decided as a family that we were ready for baby #2, I've taken some steps to making my body as "baby ready" as I can. Some of it has NOT been easy, but if I can do it for my baby then I will. I'm glad to have this chance because with Aizlynn, I had no real time to prepare for anything since she was our surprise baby. I did what most women do and started to take prenatal vitamins once I found out which, hey, better than nothing right? This time round I can do a bit more and a bit earlier.
This time I started taking supplements over a month ago and even had a good cleanse before that. The hardest thing for me was...... GIVING UP COFFEE (duhn duhn duuuuuuhhhn)! Anyone who knows me personally would be shocked at this little fact. I was severely and majorly addicted to coffee. It got so bad that I was up to between 4 and 6 cups a day! Its been a blessing in disguise because I was getting heart palpitations every so often, so I really needed to stop. I decided to go cold turkey (since I'm hardcore like that) and suffered some crazy withdrawal! Shakes, migraines, anxiety, fatigue ,it was horrible but I'm glad I did it now rather than get pregnant and THEN have to go through that. Needless to say, I've found a new best friend in my herbal teas so life is good once again :)
Physically, Ive been very active. I do exercises regularly either way so its not a big difference. I just increased it a little. Gotta prepare my body for the marathon ya know. Plus I read that regular exercise can help with fertility so why not!
My ovulation phase has come and gone for the month. DH and I tried to use our time as "wisely" as possible! Now its just a waiting game. Every day I feel a tiny cramp here and there and I'll convince myself that its due to implantation when it could be any number of things!LOL Today Ive been bloated all day and DH caught me lifting up my shirt and looking in the mirror. He just giggled ;) In fact, recently when we were saying grace at the table (something we're trying to make a habit out of) DH prayed that God would bless us and help our family to grow. It made me so emotional! I should be able to take a test in the next 10 days, so I'll keep you all posted. Fingers crossed! Please pray for us and send baby dust my way :)


Mrs. K on August 13, 2010 at 11:36 PM said...

I'm right there with ya! I'll send up a prayer for us both :) I have been hearing that regular exercise can be bad in pregnancy so that made me a little nervous and thinking that I shouldn't work out as much. That kind of goes against everything I had heard previously, though so I think I'm going to keep on exercising at the same level until I know I'm pregnant and can talk to a doctor. Anyway, I'm rambling, huh? Good luck to you!

Andria said...

Just wanted to throw out there that once I do find out I'm pregnant, I wont be doing the high impact cardio classes or anything crazy. I'll probably take it down a few notches for the 1st trimester just to be on the safe side :) I think the subject of exercise will be different from one person to another. If one is prone to certain complications then that person would have to take precautions of course. It's usually fine for women who have led an active lifestyle (like I have) to go ahead and continue but with some extra safety guidlines. Just wanted to give a little disclaimer LOL!

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