Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A Closer Look

Posted by Andria at 11:05 AM
Well, I figured I could let everyone get to know me just a little bit better ,so here's a closer look into who I am.

* I never leave a recipe as it is. I will always add different things to make it my own.
* I'm really girly! Pink, fluff, sparkle, makeup, bows, heels, jewelery, perfumes and I'm all about the concept of more is more!
* Die hard romantic
* Mushy Commercials make me emotional.
*I'm very close to all my family. My aunts are like my moms too.
* I think pregnant bellies are beautiful! Love all things that are belly & baby.
* I've cried at every birth I've assisted.
* My morning routine= coffee, lounging, QT w/ the hubby, pondering about what needs to get done & cleaning. (all in that order)
* I'm often TOO nice, yielding and more worried about hurting someones feelings ( even if they are hurting mine)and can be easy to advantage of because of that, but I'm working on changing that in myself.
* I scrapbook! Well,not lately, but I'm gonna start up again soon so help me God!
* Our family has FUN. We go to theme Parks, plays, local events, picnics, zoos, Fairs, movies, you name it. We just love creating family memories that Aizlynn will treasure always.
* I'm not at all a serious person (except when I need to be)
* I wear many hats. Mother, wife , doula , performer, entrepreneur and the list goes on.
* I have sang from the time I could talk. I've won talent shows, sang at weddings, church and just recently passed a major audition for a huge company! I'll keep you all posted on that one.
* Sarcasm: My other god given talent, lol.
* I think health/fitness is very important. I do exercise regularly. (both my parents are fitness instructors)
* Can't stand seeing laziness. If you want something that bad, do it, otherwise shut up! :)
* Absolutely love being a mommy. Always knew I would.


Baby Mama on April 8, 2010 at 12:27 PM said...

Found you on 20sb, welcome to the blogging world!

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