Monday, March 29, 2010

Right at Home

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I was just contemplating how freaking cool it is that I have FINALLY found a network of moms who have a lot of the same ideals and parenting styles as I do. Because of the fact that I'm in a pretty trendy location, where most of my friends are either all about the "now" (over medicated and under educated), or they're single and really can't relate to me as a mom, or they're moms but they really don't have a clue about living just a little more naturally for the safety and well being of their kids. I would hear conversations about how "little Susie" coughed last night so mom made sure to shove cough syrup down her throat every four hours to help her?! Sorry but I just can't relate to that. Or mothers saying that they think breastfeeding or birth is gross. Here's the best one, sitting with a group of young women who ARE parents but all they could talk about is their guy problems or how drunk they got over the weekend! Needless to say, I do keep those at arms length.

My twitter moms and favorite blogger moms are so much more relatable for me and I'm so relieved. Breastfeeding, baby wearing, natural childbirth, organic and Eco-friendly stuff etc are nothing new to me and my family. It's awesome to see so many of you who live the same way! I see some of you moms are very new to these things. First time breast feeders, trying organic foods and even cloth diapering for the first time. I love seeing the shift in awareness thanks to the help and advice of so many of you moms out there. I really wish I could find a group like this here in Orlando. Yes they're out there but not usually in the twenties age spectrum. Most moms I find around here who can relate to all these things are almost old enough to be my mother and have teenagers. Obviously I’m not saying it's a bad thing because these women have helped me a lot, but you know what I mean!

I guess this me saying thanks to all you mommies who help me feel right at home. I'm no longer the odd man out and I love it!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A Closer Look

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Well, I figured I could let everyone get to know me just a little bit better ,so here's a closer look into who I am.

* I never leave a recipe as it is. I will always add different things to make it my own.
* I'm really girly! Pink, fluff, sparkle, makeup, bows, heels, jewelery, perfumes and I'm all about the concept of more is more!
* Die hard romantic
* Mushy Commercials make me emotional.
*I'm very close to all my family. My aunts are like my moms too.
* I think pregnant bellies are beautiful! Love all things that are belly & baby.
* I've cried at every birth I've assisted.
* My morning routine= coffee, lounging, QT w/ the hubby, pondering about what needs to get done & cleaning. (all in that order)
* I'm often TOO nice, yielding and more worried about hurting someones feelings ( even if they are hurting mine)and can be easy to advantage of because of that, but I'm working on changing that in myself.
* I scrapbook! Well,not lately, but I'm gonna start up again soon so help me God!
* Our family has FUN. We go to theme Parks, plays, local events, picnics, zoos, Fairs, movies, you name it. We just love creating family memories that Aizlynn will treasure always.
* I'm not at all a serious person (except when I need to be)
* I wear many hats. Mother, wife , doula , performer, entrepreneur and the list goes on.
* I have sang from the time I could talk. I've won talent shows, sang at weddings, church and just recently passed a major audition for a huge company! I'll keep you all posted on that one.
* Sarcasm: My other god given talent, lol.
* I think health/fitness is very important. I do exercise regularly. (both my parents are fitness instructors)
* Can't stand seeing laziness. If you want something that bad, do it, otherwise shut up! :)
* Absolutely love being a mommy. Always knew I would.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Here goes nothin'

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My first post! I've got so many ideas on what I really want to achieve here at L&L. I guess my goal is like that of a lot of mommy blogs: Connection. Mothers, wives, women all here to support and guide one another through the craziness and beauty of life/motherhood. The reason I named this blog Lipstick and Lullabies is because I feel it speaks to the modern mom. The internal desire of us as woman to still hold on to that beautiful, vibrant, inner goddess in all of us while still having to do laundry, kiss boo-boo's, clean kitchens and tuck in our babies.

Personally, this is what I go through on a daily basis and I'll be blogging about the adventure of trying to balance it all. Also, my inner doula would love to share with my girls and fellow "birthies" out there my insight on all things belly, breast and baby! I'm looking forward to learning from all of you as well since I believe we all have things to teach eachother. I'm so excited!